Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Thank you for contacting me, I will be happy to complete a letter of recommendation, please consider the following before you make your request:  

  1. If you are a current or former student, you need to have completed at least one seminar with me.  In general, I would discourage you from requesting a recommendation from anyone with whom you have not fully completed and received a grade in at least one class.  It is best to have completed two or more classes with me, this way I can better comment on your progress and growth.
  2. If I have worked on research projects, workshops, internships, or in any capacity outside of the classroom, you will need to have worked with me in some comprehensive capacity to develop and implement the program/project/research.
  3. I require at least one months’ notice to craft and submit your letter(s).  I do not have the capacity to respond to inquiries or to write letters at the last minute.
  4. The strength of my letter depends on how well I know you.  Therefore, if our only interaction was briefly in class and you have never attended office hours (for instance) then I will have limited ability to provide an assessment beyond what I experience in class.
  5. Consider the nature and scope of our relationship.  For students this will usually mean that you have performed well in my class and have contributed in a way that enhanced the class and made a positive impact, it also means that we have had some interaction outside of class (office hours, worked on research, or as an advisee). 
  6. If you are requesting a review of your research, project, or program, please contact me directly at

All persons requesting a letter must complete the required Google Request Form below, even if we have already discussed your letter and the opportunity you are pursuing.

If we have not done so already. I highly recommend you schedule a (virtual) meeting with me using the Calendly link on my Contact page to discuss your letter.

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