Media Appearances

Listed below are all of Dr. Bensonsmith’s media appearances. These include talks and seminars, podcasts, and interviews.

Speaking Engagements

A Conversation with Dr. Bensonsmith & Dr. Tammy Nyden

Grinnell College Presents

Rethinking Institutional Review Boards by Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith

Institutional Review Boards (IRB) play an integral role in setting the standards for and monitoring research involving human subjects.  An IRB’s primary responsibility is to ensure that research participants are treated ethically and responsibly and that their rights to privacy are protected.  Which raises two important questions: What is the responsibility of an IRB to protect persons and communities that have been historically marginalized and exploited in the research process? How should IRBs ensure that community knowledge is honored, protected, and shared equitably? Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith is the co-founder of Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice and the chair of the nation’s first and only IRB that serves and is situated within the Reproductive Justice community, she will share her insights and experiences gained from creating their community-based IRB.

April 6, 2022
Grinnell College | HSSC*A1231

*Sponsored by the Center for Humanities Philosophy


Topic: “Response to the National Assault on Women’s Reproductive Rights”

Speakers: Jennifer Stark, Rachel Forrester, Rose Ash, Beverly Speak, Rev. Dr. Jen Strickland Kristi Lopez, Amanda Hollis-Brusky, Rep. Norma Torres, Rev. Jessie Smith. Atalie Oliva. Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith, Rep. Judy Chu


Silverstein, C. (2021). Meet your neighbor: CMC Professor Dionne Bensonsmith. The Student Life.

National Federation of Families 2020 Virtual Conference: Equity Workshop
Title: “Children’s Mental Health Justice 101: Navigating Fractured Systems and Advocating for Justice”
Presenters: Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith, Dr. Tammy Nyden, Angela Riccio, Mothers on the Frontline (California)

Political Science Speaker Series

Topic: Black women’s health and reproductive justice
Speaker: Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith

SLASB AAIMM CAT Black Birthing Bill of Rights
Topic: Black pregnant women and birthing persons’ reproductive health; infant and maternal mortality
Speaker: Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith


“My participation in this has changed the behavior of any of the doctors or experts that I deal with … it has changed the way in which I receive and I interact with them. My participation in this and talking to other parents and listening to the podcast and doing the interview to the workshop has certainly helped me feel a lot less stigmatized and a lot less bland.”

Scripps College Presents

Professor Dionne Bensonsmith: “Race, Choice, and Reproductive Health in the Age of Health Care Reform”


Santos, W. (2016). Contingent Diversity, Contingent Faculty: Or, Musings of a Lowly Adjunct. In Written/Unwritten: Diversity and the Hidden Truths of Tenure. : University of North Carolina Press.

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