Media Appearances

Listed below are all of Dr. Bensonsmith’s media appearances. These include talks and seminars, podcasts, and interviews.

Speaking Engagements


Topic: “Response to the National Assault on Women’s Reproductive Rights”

Speakers: Jennifer Stark, Rachel Forrester, Rose Ash, Beverly Speak, Rev. Dr. Jen Strickland Kristi Lopez, Amanda Hollis-Brusky, Rep. Norma Torres, Rev. Jessie Smith. Atalie Oliva. Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith, Rep. Judy Chu


Silverstein, C. (2021). Meet your neighbor: CMC Professor Dionne Bensonsmith. The Student Life.

National Federation of Families 2020 Virtual Conference: Equity Workshop
Title: “Children’s Mental Health Justice 101: Navigating Fractured Systems and Advocating for Justice”
Presenters: Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith, Dr. Tammy Nyden, Angela Riccio, Mothers on the Frontline (California)

Political Science Speaker Series

Topic: Black women’s health and reproductive justice
Speaker: Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith

SLASB AAIMM CAT Black Birthing Bill of Rights
Topic: Black pregnant women and birthing persons’ reproductive health; infant and maternal mortality
Speaker: Dr. Dionne Bensonsmith


“My participation in this has changed the behavior of any of the doctors or experts that I deal with … it has changed the way in which I receive and I interact with them. My participation in this and talking to other parents and listening to the podcast and doing the interview to the workshop has certainly helped me feel a lot less stigmatized and a lot less bland.”


Santos, W. (2016). Contingent Diversity, Contingent Faculty: Or, Musings of a Lowly Adjunct. In Written/Unwritten: Diversity and the Hidden Truths of Tenure. : University of North Carolina Press.

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