GOVT 137

U.S. Politics and Social Policy

Fall 2021


Class Time: Tu/Th – 1:20pm – 3:20pm

Tuesdays | Seminar

Thursdays | Discussion

Course Description

This course takes multiple approaches to theorizing, measuring, and researching, social policy.  Looking at specific policy domains, such as education, healthcare, food, and housing policy students will study how the U.S. constructs political meanings through social policy and the policy making process.  Specific attention will be given to the role of race, gender, and class inequalities in shaping social policy responses during times of crises in the United States.

Student Learning Outcomes and Goals

1) Identify key historical moments that contributed to the development of U.S. social policy.2) Analyze theories and arguments presented by social policy theorists and apply them to specific debates within policy theory.
3) Apply relevant theories within policy theory to questions, issues, and policies within social policy in the United States. 4) Discuss the impact of activist, advocates, and politicians on the development of U.S. social policy.

Course Materials – What you will need

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[INSERT book]

[INSERT book]

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